Small KP Project Bag, Split-Fabric

Small KP Project Bag, Split-Fabric


8in x 11in x 4in

Inspired by an expert knitter, this lovely project bag will happily hold your small knitting projects such as hats, socks, scarves, etc. The split fabric option is made with an engaging combination of two corresponding fabrics on the outside and a complimentary fabric liner. It is finished and topped off with a sturdy Japanese woven ribbon removable key hook wristlet.  The wristlet allows you to wear it while you knit and/or use it to keep track of your keys. The outer fabrics are backed with interfacing to support its upright shape. 

We aspire to brighten your day by offering beautiful, functional and durable products. This Ribbon Street original design upholds our expectations for quality, artistry, and functionality.

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