Any items that are fabric inside and out, including ribbon bags, can be washed on a cold gentle cycle and hung dry. Any items that have a laminated fabric can be washed by hand, and wiped clean. Sometimes a gentle machine wash/hang dry can work with laminated fabrics, but it's a risk—the laminate can become wrinkly, rather than its original smooth state. (I machine wash my laminate shopping bags and I am not bothered that the laminate wrinkles.) 



The integrity and the essential eye catching flare of the ribbon street style is dependent upon the high quality ribbons, fabrics and notions. It has taken years to source the elements of what goes into a ribbon street bag. We pay careful attention to the quality of the “parts that make a whole.” If we cannot find an acceptable notion, the item gets made without. Over the years the #4 small zipper on the larger bags proved not worthy enough for wear and tear. We found a reputable source in Southern California called UCAN Zippers that we are able to use that meets the ribbon street quality standard. Even the thread matters—working on industrial machines allows for industrial strength thread. All of the elements of a ribbon street hand crafted bag or accessory are considered.