Seasonal Surprise Subscription

Seasonal Surprise Subscription

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Image does not represent what you would receive—it’s merely an example of a set of 4 KP Project Bags.

New to the Ribbon Street collection! A Ribbon Street original seasonal subscription service for 1 year—receive 4 KP Project Bags total.

Choose a Seasonal Surprise KP Project Bag subscription and you will receive one original split-fabric project bag seasonally, inspired by each of the four seasons of one year. You can select 4 small KP Project bags, 4 large KP Project bags or 2 small/2 large KP Project bags. There is a limited offering of each size option. The surprise combinations will be exclusively for subscribers.  

With your selection of Seasonal Surprise KP Project Bags, you will be mailed your surprise project bag for each of four seasons in a year:

1 KP project bag surprise, Spring – sent in March
1 KP project bag surprise, Summer – sent in June
1 KP project bag surprise, Fall – sent in September
1 KP project bag surprise, Winter – sent in December 

A Note on Shipping
Each subscription option will have a flat fee of $22, but if you order 2 subscriptions to the same address your fee will stay at $22.

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